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 November: Received "15th ASPIC IoT, AI, Cloud Award 2021 IoT Category Service Collaboration Award".

 February: Selected as one of the "GPTW 2021 Best Companies to Work For".


 November "MCPC Award 2020, Services & Solutions Category, Special Award for New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control".


 November: "MCPC Award 2019 Incentive Award in the Services & Solutions category"

 November: Received the "Overall Grand Prix in the IoT Category" at the "ASPIC IoT, AI, and Cloud Awards 2019"./p>

 October: "2019 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner"


 November: Received "MCPC award 2018 Incentive Award in the Services & Solutions category".

 November: Received "IoT Platform Field Committee Award" from ASPIC


 November: "MCPC award 2017, Service & Solution Category, Award of Excellence".

 November: Awarded "Grand Prix in the IoT Platform Field" at the "ASPIC IoT and Cloud Awards 2017".


 December: MCPC award 2016 - Provider category - Award of Excellence

 October: Received the "Operations Division Committee Award" at the "10th ASPIC Cloud and IoT Awards 2016".


 October: MCPC Award 2015 "Excellent Product Award".

 October: "2015 Red Herring Top 100 Global" award

 October: Received ASP, SaaS, Cloud Award 2015 "Special Award from the Supporting Business SaaS Committee

 September: "2015 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award"


 November: MIT Venture Forum Japan BBCC 2014 "Strategic Growth Division" Grand Prize

 October: ASP, SaaS, Cloud Award 2014 "SaaS for Support Business" Grand Prix

 April: MCPC Award 2014 "Excellent Product Award".